Property Management

Mark PerezWho We Are

Mark Perez founded iMark Properties in February 2013

iMark Properties handles our real estate transactions and property management needs.

Our Mission

A Property Management company is tasked with the responsibility of managing the multiple aspects, which come with the ownership of leased real estate. With leases turning over, buildings to maintain and tenants to keep happy, coordinating everything can be a real challenge for the unskilled manager.

One important role is that of acting as liaison between the landlord and tenant. Duties of property management companies include accepting rent and deposits, responding to and addressing maintenance issues, advertising vacancies for owners, and doing credit background checks on tenants. In exchange for the service they provide, most property management companies charge property owners a percentage of the gross rent collected each month. Our company does not profit from maintenance & repairs. And we do not charge a management commission if the property is not rented.

There are many facets to professional property management, including participating in and/or initiating litigation with tenants, contractors and insurance agencies. Special attention is given to Landlord/Tenant laws and most commonly evictions and non-payment of rent issues. Regardless of the task, whether it’s replacing a doorstop or providing prompt, efficient accounting of your funds, you can count on the CGR Properties to handle your property as it was our own!

Our Services

Computerized Accounting     All of the property data is entered and tracked on our property management program. We keep a running log of all maintenance, rent payments, security deposits, and a host of details to manage each property efficiently.

Resident Screening     We require each applicant to fill out our detailed TAR Forms. We can instantly look at their credit report and a criminal history. We can also verify their income, which is required to be at least 3 times the rent. We also receive information from the previous landlord(s) for a rental history.

Dedicated Rental Staff     We have licensed Realtors® and experienced Property Managers on our staff to take care of your property. We provide professional and courteous customer service to our residents and owners in all our operations.

Apartments, Duplexes, Four-Plexes, Town homes, and Single-Family Houses     Our Properties are very diverse, from small 1 bedroom units, to 5 bedroom homes. Regardless of the size or rental rate, we treat all of the properties with the same care. Having such a variety of properties makes our company attractive to potential residents since we usually have something to meet their needs.

FREE Advertising!!!     We know that by aggressively marketing your property when it is vacant is the best way to get it rented quickly. All of the marketing we do is at NO cost to you as the owner. Here are some of the advertising examples currently in place:

1. MLS System
2. Internet Web Sites with virtual tours
3. Local newspapers

Clean & Well Maintained Units     This is the key to getting properties occupied – keeping then looking as good and clean as possible when they are shown. We inspect each property at move-out and require a professional carpet cleaning team to prepare the property for rent. Our maintenance personnel are professional contractors.

Quality and Timely Repairs     During a resident’s term of occupancy, our job is to ensure that health and safety repairs are conducted quickly and correctly. We have dedicated contractors that provide us with the high standard of maintenance and repairs needed to maintain each property.

Other Information     All security deposits are put into a savings account. You will be notified when repairs that are not covered in your maintenance deposit arise. We can get you an estimate from our local contractors when needed. Monthly rent can either be mailed or direct deposited.

List of Service Charges for Property Management

~60 % of first month’s rent (1/2 to be Paid to locator or agent when listed in MLS)
~7 to 10% each month’s gross rent for property management
~$100 fee for initial lease
~ $75 fee for re-lease (annual)
~ $100 minimum deposit for miscellaneous repairs and maintenance
*All of the above fees are negotiable, within reason.

For More Information

If you would like for us to contact you for more information about our property management services, please email us at or call (254)290-9911. We will gladly meet with you at your property to give you a professional evaluation of the recommended rental rate(s) and our suggestions for quickly renting your property during any vacancy.