Selling a Home

Our Commitment

The iMark Properties Team-Real Estate Professionals is committed to the following:

1. To be HONEST about every aspect of the home selling process. This will allow you to make difficult decisions with confidence and piece of mind.

2. To be AGGRESSIVE in our SEARCH for your potential BUYERS. Our Active Marketing Techniques have helped hundreds of families move fast.

3. To COMMUNICATE weekly in writing all events relating to the sale of your home. You will NEVER have to say, “We never heard from our Agent.”

4. To use our EXPERIENCE and TRACK RECORD to get the job done fast. Success is a History NOT a Promise!

5. To give your family EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE, care genuinely for YOUR NEEDS and earn the right to become your Family Real Estate Agent for LIFE.

In Today’s Competitive Real Estate Market Commitment Makes All The Difference. Make the Right Decision and Choose the iMark Properties – Real Estate Professionals TEAM for Results!

Why Should You Choose To Represent Your Home?

You need good sound reasons to make a good decision and here they are …

  • We offer numerous EXCLUSIVE PROGRAMS to both our Buyers and Sellers to make our Seller’s homes outflank all of their competition.
  • Our Team will CALL YOU EVERY WEEK to update you with regards to the Sale of your home. WE STAY IN TOUCH!
  • We are MASTERS AT OFFER NEGOTIATIONS and this could be worth THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to you.
  • Our Team continuously attends Trainings and Seminars. Real Estate is a SERIOUS CAREER! Real Estate is NOT a Hobby!
  • Our Team is FULLY AUTOMATED with PERSONAL COMPUTER, PERSONAL WEBSITE, CELLULAR PHONE, PAGER, INTERNET ACCESS, CALL COORDINATOR, and personal assistants. We can be reached easily & respond QUICKLY to your needs.
  • We are HONEST and PROFESSIONAL always.
  • We put our money where our mouth is with our numerous GUARANTEED SALES PROGRAMS!
  • We have the best in DATABASE TECHNOLOGY to track your potential BUYERS.


Here’s What Every Other Real Estate Company Does (And How We Do It Better)

Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) Prepared. (We give you the honest truth, and do not just tell you what you want to hear.)
• Your Home Placed In The Multiple Listing Service. (We do this immediately in Three MLS’s while others will suggest you give them time to sell it on their own.)
• Encourage Their Office Agents To Sell Your Property. (We do this in addition to the MLS, and we promote your home to the top buyer agents in the area.)
Easy Access Provided To Realtors With A Lockbox. (Some agents do not require a lockbox, but we do. It is impossible to sell a home that is difficult to get buyers into.)
• Professional Yard Sign Placed In Your Front Yard. (We have done the research to determine the perfect color and layout for our “EXIT” signs.)
Advertise Themselves, And Maybe Your Property.(We explain our advertising policy up front, so you know what to expect.)
• Try An Open House. (Most agents do not tell you [and many do not know themselves] that less than 1% of homes sell from an Open House. We only do Open Houses that qualify based on specific criteria.)

Here’s What We Do Differently To Sell Your Home Fast and For Top Dollar:

• Our EXCLUSIVE “Pro-Active Agent Marketing System”.
• Our EXCLUSIVE 24-Hour Hotline.
• Honest Professional Advice. The Truth is HARD To Get!
• Negotiate The Best Price For You
• Special Buyer Pre-Qualification.
• Automated E-mail Service.
• Download Your Home Onto Several Websites
Relocation Packages Available.
Special Reports For Both Sellers and Buyers.
Equal Opportunity To Seller’s Agents, Buyer’s Agents, and Disclosed Dual Agents.
• Calculate Seller Proceeds (How Much Money Will You Put In Your Pocket When The Sale is Complete).

Committed to Communication!

From: The iMark Properties- Real Estate Professionals

If you are like MOST SELLERS, the period of time when your home is on the market is inconvenient and stressful. This is the reason OUR TEAM is committed to giving you the absolute best service available.

We will do everything possible to make your transaction enjoyable and successful.


Our Promise to you is as follows:

1. Our Team will personally call you with an update every week.
2. We will call you any time there is a change in the current market conditions and advise you as to how any changes impact the sale of your home.
3. We will make sure you have copies of all advertising and information being used to market your home.
4. We will always be 100% HONEST and straightforward with you. This is what you expect but all too often you do not get!

In an Industry where professional standards and accountability are rare, iMark Properties has made the decision to be unique. It is terrible when standards like professionalism, honesty, aggressiveness, and communication are unique, but that is what you get when you choose our team. Finally, we are committed to one last thing:

Pricing Your Home

Setting the proper asking price for your home is the single most important factor that will determine the success or failure of your home sales.

The consequences of making the wrong decision are painful. If your home is priced too low, you will literally be giving away thousands of dollars that could have been in your pocket.

Price it too high, and your home will sit unsold for months, developing the reputation of a problem property (everyone will think that there is something wrong with it).

Failure to understand market conditions and properly pricing your home can cost you thousands of dollars and cause your home not to sell … fouling up all of your plans.

We Won’t Let This Happen To You!

Utilizing the latest computer technology and my in-depth knowledge of the market, we will analyze current market conditions in combination with your personal time requirements to identify the correct price range for your home.

You can’t afford any “guesswork” in this critical step!

Pricing Guidelines

• What you originally paid for the property does not affect its value.
• The amount of money you need to get from the sale of your property does not affect its value.
• What you think it should be worth has no effect on value.
• What another real estate agent says your property is worth does not affect its value.

• An appraisal does not always indicate what your property is worth on the open market.
The value of your property is determined by what a ready, willing, and able buyer will pay for it on the open market, which will be based upon the value of other recent closed sales. BUYERS DETERMINE MARKET VALUE!!!

DO NOT automatically list with the agent that gives you the highest price.

Pricing Your HomeTo Sell

How Will You Choose Your REALTOR®?
• Their services and plan for marketing?
• Promised market price?
A REALTOR® has no control over the market conditions, only their marketing plan.
Never select a REALTOR® based on the price they promise.

Select a REALTOR® based on criteria about their company, the experience of the salesperson, and the services provided. Never base your choice on price only. A REALTOR® has no control over the market conditions. It would be smarter to select a REALTOR® first, then agree on price. Don’t allow agents to ‘bump up’ the price to obtain your listing. True professionals will give you truthful feedback and accurate information so you can price to sell in this market.

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